My brief, unhappy career as a caricaturist

All illustrations by the author

Writers don’t generally excel at life. They seldom even excel at writing. But the profession of writing (and writing alone) suits them, whether they’re competent or not. Alas.

The treasure of life, to writers, is having as much time to write well or badly as possible. Writing time is costly…


A story for children

Kunst / Giphy

When Twylla West was good (which wasn’t very often), her nanny took her to the Metropolitan Zoo.

And there they were, one day! The two strolled hand-in-hand, wearing red sun hats. All around them, people were pushing and shoving to get a look at the animals. …


I have been dreaming…

I have ㅤ ㅤbeen dreaming

I have been ㅤ ㅤremembering

I have been dreaming
those dreams ㅤ ㅤof meaning
that come from the waters
of dreaming ㅤ ㅤdeep
like drowned men
to the gold skin
of the ocean

I have been remembering

For there is more ㅤ ㅤof water


Echo … echo … echo …

Here’s a little news roundup — for anyone who might still be out there…

A have a new short story in Sylvia — a new, paying UK publication. This one’s online only.

I have another short story in En Bloc — another new, paying UK publication. This one’s print only.


Creator. Fiction/poetry/cartoons in New York Times, Playboy, Saturday Evening Post, Wall Street Journal, Walrus. Buy me a coffee:

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